Workshop Resources: Formation When You Least Expect It

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Formation When You Least Expect It (sponsored by Forward Movement)

Presenter: Scott Gunn

The days of people sitting in classrooms on command are over, if they were ever real. To form people, we have to move beyond traditional classes and offer multiple paths of entry. In this workshop, we’ll look at Lent Madness and many other examples. We’ll consider the importance of content, style, and marketing. You can offer great formation when people are least expecting it! Thanks to the Forward Movement for sponsoring this session.

Scott Gunn (@scottagunn) is executive director of Forward Movement, a ministry of The Episcopal Church focused on inspiring disciples and empowering evangelists. Scott has served as a parish priest and, prior to that, as a technology leader in non-profit and commercial organizations. He is known in The Episcopal Church for Lent Madness, the Acts 8 Movement, and as a blogger at


Slides: Formation Where You Least Expect


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