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Digital Office Hours

Have a quick question about an online tool or community? Dying to bounce around an idea in digital media ministry? Just want to see a colleague’s face and shoot the breeze for a few?

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Upcoming Events

We digital media ministers are a strange but growing tribe! Let’s keep each other posted about training events around the world. Send your upcoming events to [email protected].

April 24-25, 2017: The Intensive
Offered by: Center for Church Communication

June 5-6, 2017: e-Formation Conference (in-person and via webinar)
Offered by: [email protected]

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Hybrid Faith Formation Cohorts

The hybrid faith formation program began in 2013 as an action research project designed to answer this common question:

What do we do with the people who won’t come to ______?

You can fill in the blank with “Bible study,” “Sunday school,” “confirmation class,” whatever. The point is, people’s patterns of attendance are changing, and we want to help churches respond by offering hybrid (blended) faith formation opportunities: programs that include in-person and online components.

If you’d like to be kept posted about the opportunity to join a future cohort, please email [email protected].

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Regional Boot Camps

Want to help bring e-Formation ideas to your judicatory, professional association, or region? Local boot camps are a great way to ease in more timid or skeptical leaders, or those who simply can’t commit to or afford the multi-day conference.

We will work with your leadership (including local trainers) to design the programming, complete with concurrent workshops and plenary time to bring everything together.

We have completed single-day events in Phoenix and Alexandria and are scheduled for more in New Orleans and Chicago. If you’d like to host a regional e-Formation boot camp, please contact [email protected].

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Digital Media for Ministry Course

Students at Virginia Theological Seminary (and select continuing ed students: contact [email protected]) are eligible to take RCL 524: Digital Media for Ministry, a 1.5-credit course designed to prepare future church leaders with culturally appropriate, digitally literate media skills.

If you are interested in bringing Digital Media for Ministry to your seminary or other school for ministry as a short-term intensive or semester-length online course, please email [email protected].

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Digital Badging

Participants in the e-Formation Learning Community will soon be eligible to earn digital badges as a fun, lightweight credential—and an invitation to follow up on learning at e-Formation events.

If you would like to help design our badging framework or volunteer to mentor badge-earners, please contact [email protected].

Asset Mapping Project

In May of 2015, the Center for the Ministry of Teaching was awarded a grant from The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations to connect with other theological educators engaged in digital media training and action research.

Are you a digital media for ministry teacher? Is your institution offering digital media for ministry courses or workshops that you’d like to reach a larger audience? Do you have a resource to share, a best practice to propose, or a cautionary tale to tell? Please contact [email protected] to be included in our asset mapping process.

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