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Much of the work of creation care is done on a daily basis—in our homes, schools, and work places. Much of this work involves establishing habits of making sustainable choices in our daily lives, such as making environmentally wise choices when it comes to food, energy, waste disposal, and everyday purchases of all kinds of materials and resources.

Creation care often starts with a sense of awe and wonder of the natural world. This sense of wonder can be a part of our spiritual lives, leading us to grow and transform both personally and in our ministries. 

The purpose of these badges is to help youth maintain and practice creation care in their daily lives and on an on-going basis. Rewards—such as a tree to plant, a donation to an environmental care group, or a reusable tote bag for groceries—may be given to participants as they complete the badge requirements.

These badges are designed for individual use, either after your program as concluded or as it progresses. These badges may also be used as environmental “extras” added to an existing youth program. 

Badges included in this curriculum include:

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