e-Formation 2015 workshop session

e-Formation badges are your chance to show the world your commitment to digital media ministry through skill development and learning community participation. Once you’ve set up an account¬†on the e-Formation website, you’re ready to start earning badges. Once you’ve earned some, display them with pride!

Skills badges

[badgeos_achievement id=”1667″]

[badgeos_achievement id=”1847″]


Leadership badges

[badgeos_achievement id=”3024″]

[badgeos_achievement id=”3029″]

[badgeos_achievement id=”3032″]


Participation badges

[badgeos_achievement id=”1957″]

[badgeos_achievement id=”1526″]

[badgeos_achievement id=”1581″]

[badgeos_achievement id=”1586″]

[badgeos_achievement id=”1589″]


Feedback? Confusion? Bug reports? Please email [email protected]. We are learning as we go!

Interested in offering an e-Formation badge? Check out our Digital Badge Creation Guidelines and then contact [email protected].

Looking for a particular badge, perhaps to follow up on an e-Formation Conference or Boot Camp workshop? Again, contact [email protected].

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