Digital badges

Welcome to the our digital badging program! Digital badges are a way to acknowledge your participation and continued learning in this and other communities.

You will find three kinds of badges on this site:

  1. e-Formation badges: Credentials for your digital media ministry skills and participation in e-Formation Learning Community events.
  2. Partner badges: Chances to show your learning in other professional development activities and trainings with the Center for the Ministry of Teaching and our partners.
  3. Third-party badges: Digital badges designed and issued by others using this web site’s infrastructure. If you want to give badges but don’t want to mess around with the technology, we can help!

Start here

To get started with digital badges, earn the e-Formation Learner badge by creating an account.

[badgeos_achievement id=”1607″]

Once you’ve earned a badge, learn how to display them.

Feedback? Confusion? Bug reports? Please email [email protected]. We are learning as we go!

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