As part of the 2017 eFormation all-online conference – we were thrilled to provide four workshops touching on fundraising, formation, media, and design thinking. See the recordings below of digital media for ministry leaders. Resource lists from the chatbox coming soon.

Keith Anderson  Digital-First Faith Formation

Much of the time when we think about using digital technology in faith formation, we view it as an add-on, a complement, or a supplement to pre-existing face-to-face formation experiences. But what if we changed our starting point, creating digital-first and perhaps digital-only formation experiences and letting the face-to-face emerge organically from there? In this workshop Keith Anderson will share is experiences and case studies on digital-first formation, including his recent projects, “The OA for Lent” and “Faith at Home.”

Digital-First Faith Formation slides [pdf on Google Drive]

Nurya Love Parish   Using Media Projects for Formation with Children and Youth

People are watching a billion hours of content on YouTube every single day. Add in Vimeo, Snapchat, Instagram, and now Facebook Live and it’s clear: online video is a huge cultural juggernaut. How can you make use of these resources and create new content as part of your Christian formation ministry? This workshop will teach you how to curate and create video with a focus on how to successfully design and complete video projects with youth and children.

Using Media Projects for Formation with Children and Youth Slides [pdf on Google Drive]



Bethany Stolle    Theology by Design: A Practical Approach to Design Thinking for Congregations

“Because it’s always been done that way.” These seven last words signal the death of possibility for ministries everywhere. Breaking familiar patterns to develop new approaches to faith formation is incredibly difficult, but tools from the world of design thinking can help. This workshop offers a theological framework and practical exercises to help ministry leaders embrace empathy, make sense of others’ stories, and generate fresh ideas for ministry in their congregations.

Theology by Design slides [pdf on Google Drive]

Lorenzo Lebrija    Trying Everything: Experiences of Digital Evangelism and Fundraising

What works in one place won’t necessarily work in another. This is why you need to try everything. In this workshop, Lorenzo will take you through his trials and errors. He’ll also provide resources like a sheet to conduct a Social Media audit of your own congregation.

Trying Everything slides [pdf on Google Drive]
Pay-Per-Click Campaign Template [excel]
Pay-Per-Click Checklist [pdf]
Social-Media-Audit [pdf]

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