eformation is a ministry of Lifelong Learning at Virginia Theological Seminary, forming leaders for digital media ministry since 2012


eformation is a learning community.  We are dedicated to finding ways to bring the work of formation, discipleship, and community organizing that churches already do, online.  If you are looking for resources on how to bring your faith into the digital world in a way that is responsible, sustainable, and builds towards the future without forgetting the past, then you have found home.



Why be behind the curve when you can be ahead?

The January flagship gathering in Alexandria, Virginia, and every June online, we host learning opportunities designed to give your community the resources they need to be on the cutting edge of digital ministry.  

California, Boston, NYC, South Carolina, Florida.  We host bootcamps nationwide. Church leaders (lay and ordained, paid and volunteer) attend, take notes, and learn about what it takes to be church in the 21st century.  For us, it is all about helping you discover how your mission translates to your message and then implementing the media that works for your faith community.


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