Announcing e-Formation webinar access

e-Formation webinar access banner

Can’t join us in person for the 2013 e-Formation Conference? Want to do better than being here in spirit? Then consider joining us remotely via live webinar. All you need is a browser with a Flash plugin and a broadband Internet connection.

Participants will have access to live audio and video and will be able to submit questions in a chat window. Registration is $45 and will be open through May 27. On May 28, you will be issued a username, password, and login link.

See below for the tentative webinar schedule. Individual workshop selections are subject to change. All times Eastern Daylight Time.

Friday Bootcamp Workshops
9:30 am – Round 1: Share Your Story with the World through Blogs – Sharon Ely Pearson
11:15 am – Round 2: Expanding Social Media in Your Congregation – Anna Rendell
1:45 pm – Round 3: Seeing Face to Face: Web-Based Video Conferencing – Julie Lytle & Kyle Oliver
3:30 pm – Round 4: The Digital Church Welcomes You: Building an Effective Online Website Presence – Peter Turner

Friday Conference Plenary

7:15 pm – General Session: “Faith Formation in the Connected, Digital World

Saturday Workshops & Keynote
9:00 am – Round 1: e-Formation with Families: “Analytics Don’t Lie” – Leif Kehrwald
10:45 am – Keynote Presentation: The New Media Ecology – Sarah Lumbard
1:30 pm – Round 2: World Wide Witness: Empowering Digital Evangelists – Kyle Oliver & Weston Mathews
4:30 pm – Round 3: Faith Formation 4.0 – Julie Ann Lytle

Interested? Click here to register and be sure to select “Live e-Formation Webinar Access.”


  1. Maureen Hagen says:

    This is a great option!! Unfortunately, I’ll be in South Africa during the conference. Is there a place where I can access the talks when I return?

  2. Carrie Craig says:

    What a great idea! With the Christian Education conference at Kanuga so close I knew I could not do both. But this offering makes it possible to join you as well. Thank you!

  3. vts_cmt says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Carrie! Glad you can join us.

    Maureen, we’re still making those decisions, so check when you can. Where will you be in South Africa? Our Dorothy Linthicum is currently teaching at the College of the Transfiguration in Grahamstown:

  4. I also have interest in accessing the information after it is presented, particularly info on Saturday afternoon when I am doing a local Bible Study.

  5. Jennifer Snow says:

    Hi — the registration link takes me to a blank VTS page with “no event selected.”

  6. vts_cmt says:

    Jennifer, we just checked on registration and it’s looking OK on our end. Can you tell us what link you followed and what info you entered, if any?

  7. Gillian Barr '10 says:

    Same here re registration link not working. But once I logged into the VTS intranet with my old/alumni credentials, and then went to that URL, it let me in.

  8. vts_cmt says:

    Hmm, checked again and didn’t see any problems. Seems like this must be an intermittent thing. Anyone still struggling should try again and call us if you have difficulty: 703.461.1885

  9. vts_cmt says:

    Thank you to the caller who described the problem over the phone! We have found and fixed the bad link.

  10. Mary Cay says:

    I will be attending this weekend but see more than one session I’d like to attend. Is it possible to pay for the webinar and download sessions I’ve missed later?

  11. vts_cmt says:

    Mary Cay, we’re still working on how we’re going to give access to webinar recordings after the live event. We’ll keep you posted! Our goal is to make as much content available as possible. But there’s no further action you need to take at this time.